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We're sending this note along with Lance, who I understand is coming this Monday. After three other bids (mostly for the two ductless heat pumps), we were totally confused as to what could be the best answer to our heating/cooling needs. We saw your ad in the paper and decided to try one more place - Midway! Lance came out and was SO comfortable to work with. We both felt he listened, looked at our other bids and ideas and then came up with something completely different. It just made sense to us. The guys came to install things on Tuesday and Wed. It was the snowy day and I thought it would be awful but it all went smoothly, they left NO mess and then came back to finish on Wed. My husband's parents live in an apartment connected with our house and his Mom has Alzheimer's. It was planned so that they wouldn't be without heat at all and kept comfortable. Everything went smoothly. The ductless heat pump in their place is fabulous! They have it set to 77! It keeps the room at that temperature, and is completely quiet - both inside and out. This went far above our expectations, even though we were told this would be the case. Our daughter and husband are visiting this weekend and have been sleeping upstairs in the room that now has a separate zone. Oh my, this is great too! I expect it will be just as wonderful when it comes to air conditioning! All in all this has been a great experience - so much better than we would have thought. Since we had just taken out $6,000 to deal with this, the non-interest loan was really helpful! We will let you know what our coming electric bills are. Just our electric bill, which has been heating the small apartment, running our lights and water pump, has been almost $350.00 monthly this winter. The main heat in our house and our hot water heater use natural gas. We'll see how the new heat pump affects this bill as well.

Anyway, this is meant to be a giant THANK YOU for the ideas, the work and the pleasant workers who were in and out of our home. Special thanks and appreciation go to Lance who probably lost more sleep over the project than we did! We felt confident throughout the whole process. Should you need a recommendation to anyone else in the same situation, please feel free to use our names.
Thanks so much.

- Steve and Shirley

All needs, concerns, availability and price were met to the highest degree. Value for the money seemed/appears to be excellent. I am confident that any future needs would be met.
Keep up the good work!

- Clark

Selected an Ad from the phone book then made final selection based on salesman’s professionalism and helpful information.

- Jeff & Stefanie

Lance helped us really evaluate the options and spec out our system based on our needs. He did load test calculations and we feel great about our system being designed for our house. We completely enjoyed this experience. We were not “sold” a system. We chose and got what we wanted and the system and service were more than we expected.
Thanks Midway

- Carla & Gene