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Ductless Heat Pumps

While not new by any means, ductless heat pump technology has grown in popularity in recent years as it has become exceptionally energy efficient and now offers a comprehensive solution for both your heating and cooling needs. Ductless heat pumps, or mini split ductless heating and air conditioning systems as they are sometimes called, offer whole–house comfort control without the need for ductwork, something that is not present in some older or smaller homes. If you live in or near Corvallis and are interested in learning more about ductless heat pump installation for your home, call the experts of Midway Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning today.

Ductless Heat Pump Installation in Albany, OR

A ductless heat pump consists of two major components – a condenser unit installed outside to extract heat from outdoor air and an indoor unit that distributes heated air in your home. The condenser unit will extract heat from the air and use it to expand refrigerant which is then distributed via thin refrigerant lines to one or more satellite units in your home. That refrigerant is then condensed and the heat absorbed by coils in your indoor unit. When air is blown over those expansion coils, heat is produced which can be distributed in your home. This same process works in reverse to cool your home the same as an air conditioner, meaning a ductless heat pump can provide both heating and cooling.

More importantly, a ductless heat pump can do all of this without the need for bulky ductwork which not all homes have room for. Additionally, you can have up to eight indoor satellite units installed depending on the type of condenser you select. This allows you to have separate climate zones created in your home, each with their own heating and cooling unit and their own thermostat. Combined with generally high efficiency ratings, this can save you a tremendous amount of money over what you pay to operate the window units and space heaters you are currently using.

Ductless Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance in Albany, OR

If you have an existing ductless heat pump or just had one installed and want to ensure it continues to work properly for years to come, the first step is to have a professional visit your home once or twice a year and perform thorough maintenance on your system. Annual maintenance services are included in our preventive maintenance plans and will ensure your system is ready for anything that might happen, from small part malfunctions to major failures of your compressor or a leaking refrigerant line.

We are also on call 24/7 to perform emergency repairs if a problem should develop with your heat pump and you need someone there immediately to get things back on track. So, whatever your Corvallis ductless heat pump needs, call the experts of Midway Mechanical today to learn more about our repair, maintenance and installation services.