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Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

Increasingly, home owners throughout Albany are turning to heat pumps to solve both their heating and cooling needs. These systems have advanced rapidly in the last decade, providing higher heating and cooling efficiency, better heating capacity and a more affordable installation cost. If your home is ready for both a new heating and cooling system or if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of heat pump installation or replacement call Midway Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning today.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump for Your Albany Home

There are two possible reasons why you might want a heat pump installed. Either you are buying a new home and need both a heating and cooling system installed, or you just happen to be ready to replace both your existing air conditioner and furnace at the same time. In either case, there are many benefits to choosing a heat pump as your primary means of comfort control.

To begin with, it is a self–contained device, which allows it to ensure optimal efficiency for both heating and cooling. Second, modern heat pumps are incredibly efficient at providing heating using the energy stored in the air outside and not a fuel source like natural gas or electricity. This means that they use significantly less energy and can keep your winter heating bills much lower than more conventional heating systems, even at very low temperatures.

If you are interested in having a heat pump installed in your home, you should talk to an expert to determine the optimal efficiency ratings for your home and to find out what size heat pump would be best to handle your home’s heating needs. Keep in mind that heat pumps have two efficiency ratings – a SEER rating for cooling and an HSPF rating for heating. Both numbers will usually be comparable in terms of efficiency, but it is still good to discuss them both with a contractor before making a decision.

Installation of a New Heat Pump in Your Albany Home

If you decide that a heat pump is a good fit for your home, we can help you select a model that fits your particular needs. Once we do this, we’ll remove the components of your existing system from your home, including your old air conditioner if you have one, as well as your existing furnace. A heat pump has the same components as a central air conditioning system so there will be an indoor coil set and an outdoor condenser unit, connected to an air handler which then distributes heated or cooled air throughout your home.

Depending on how many existing components you have, heat pump installation can take more than one day to complete, as old components need to be removed and disposed of properly. Talk to one of our technicians in advance to learn exactly what the installation process will involve.

If you are interested in learning more about heat pump installation and replacement in your Albany home, call the experts of Midway Mechanical today. We work with homeowners throughout the region to select and maintain the best heat pumps possible for their heating and cooling needs, and can do the same for you.