Catch AC Repair Needs Early in the Season

wrenchesFor an apartment that uses a window AC unit for cooling, it’s easy to know what to do when the unit starts to malfunction: throw out the window unit and put in a new one. It’s not cost-effective to repair one of these small units. But if you live in a house, you need a good central air conditioner to provide comfort. If the AC starts to indicate it’s having trouble, it’s easy to have fast central AC repair in Albany, OR to keep the system running for many years.

But to get the longest possible service life from a central AC so you won’t need to replace it until it’s over 15 years old, it’s critical to catch onto possible repair issues as soon as you can. That prevents them from inflicting additional wear and strain on the system and shorten its life. We’re reaching the point in spring where ACs will start running regularly, so take this opportunity to look for possible troubles so you can call us for repair work.

Remember: Maintenance is the best repair prevention tool!

First, have you scheduled annual spring maintenance for your air conditioning system? This is an essential step for making sure the cooling system can handle summer without repair problems and energy waste. Our technicians carefully inspect the AC during maintenance to see if there are repair problems to address. That way they’ll be taken care of promptly—and may even be fixable during maintenance.

Uneven cooling

On the first warm day where you need the AC running to stay comfortable, make a tour of your house and go to all the rooms hooked up to the ventilation system. Are they all cooling down to the level you expect? Are you finding hot spots where there weren’t any before? Any indication of uneven cooling needs professionals to investigate it.

Odd noises

You don’t want to hear grinding, shrill mechanical sounds from the AC as it comes on for the season. You also don’t want to hear rumbling or hissing. Anything that’s an unexpected interruption to the normal white noise of the air conditioner is telling you something is wrong, such as a motor that’s burning out or a loose part.

The AC trips a circuit breaker

Did you have a circuit breaker trip when you turned on the AC for the first time? Because the air conditioner requires a large amount of electrical voltage to run, it may cause a circuit overload if there’s an electrical malfunction, such as with a relay in the blower motor. If you have to keep resetting the breaker on occasion, something is amiss with the air conditioner and needs to be investigated. (Change the air filter first to make sure this isn’t the source of the problem.)

You’ll feel tempted to poke around in the AC cabinet on your own to see if you might do a quick fix or maybe spot the problem. Please, let our professionals handle it—we’ll see that your AC works it best, and does so for many years.

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