Electrical Problems Can Be a Nightmare for Your AC

electrical-panel-repairsThe air conditioning system in your home puts in an enormous amount of work over a summer. You can tell that just by looking at your electrical bills for the season: they’ll take an upward turn because of all the voltage going to power the motors for the compressor and fans in the air conditioning system.

Because an air conditioner uses so much electricity, electrical malfunctions are one of the most common types that can bring an AC to a halt. Fortunately, our expert technicians are familiar with these electrical troubles and can deliver the air conditioning repair in Corvallis, OR, you need to protect your comfort this winter.

Some of the Common Electrical Problems in ACs

There are multiple electrical parts in an air conditioner that may fail or malfunction and create cooling troubles. Below are a few of the ones we see most frequently:

  • Failed Capacitors: Capacitors are electrical components that do the vital job of sending voltage to motors. Start capacitors send voltage to start a motor, while run capacitors send voltage periodically to keep the motor running. If a capacitor fails (which can happen due to extreme heat), the motors powering either the fans of the compressor will either not come or only run for a short time. Our HVAC technicians can handle replaced failed capacitors.
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers: When your air conditioner is running, does it periodically cause a circuit breaker to trip, causing it to shut down? This is likely because of a problem with the blower motor. First check the air filter, since a clogged filter may cause a power overload on the blower motor. If the filter is clean because you’ve changed it regularly, call for professionals to find out if either the blower motor or the circuit panel is defective.
  • Loose and Corroded Connections: There are many electrical connections in an air conditioner, and if they become loose or corroded, it can lead to system failure. During maintenance, our technicians check all the connections and tighten them (yet another great reason to schedule maintenance). There’s no way to prevent all electrical connection problems, however, so you may need to call for repairs to the wiring.
  • Burnt Out Motors: A motor burns out when the wiring in its housing fuses together because it overheats. This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as loss of lubrication or aging parts. If you hear grinding noises or shrieking from the AC cabinets, have HVAC experts investigate to have the motor or the motor bearings replaced—before you end up with a failed motor.
  • Burnt Out Compressor: The biggest electrical trouble an AC can run into is the compressor burning out. The compressor is the core of a cooling system, the component responsible for the circulation of refrigerant and the basic operation of the air conditioner. If the compressor’s motor burns out, it usually means the whole air conditioner needs to be replaced. Should your compressor begin to hard-start and make odd noises, don’t delay in contacting our team.

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