Get Ready for Spring with AC Maintenance

girl-welcomes-spring-weatherAre you ready for spring? If that just means “are you ready for warmer weather?” then of course you are. It’s always great to see the chillier season fade away. We’ll still get plenty of rain—that’s how it is in Oregon—but we’ll enjoy many clear warm days and even a few hot ones.

But is your air conditioner ready for spring? Is it primed and in good condition to turn back on during the first hot day? There’s one way to be certain, and that’s to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance. Early spring is the best time to have this job done: you don’t need the AC running yet, you’ll beat out the hot weather, and you can take advantage of the more open schedules of your local HVAC technicians (in other words, us!).

Why This Is Good for Your AC—And for You!

We know that it’s tempting to put off maintenance for almost anything, even your car. It’s an investment of money into something that appears to be working fine. But air conditioning maintenance is an investment in saving money and time, as well as preventing many inconveniences in the future. It’s an investment with a great rate of return, as we’ll explain:

  • Less risk of a breakdown: An air conditioner does a lot of work each summer, and this causes its components to wear down. Without routine tune-ups and cleanings during maintenance, the wear will accelerate and put the system at risk of a full collapse on one of the days when the AC is working the most—which is also a day when you need it the most. Thanks to maintenance, you won’t have to worry about these kinds of emergencies.
  • Fewer repairs: Around 85% of the repairs an AC may need during its lifetime can be prevented by having the system inspected annually. Technicians will catch potential issues and correct them, and the relieving of wear and tear also reduces the amount of repairs.
  • Energy savings: Any air conditioner will start to drain extra electricity as it ages and wears down. However, regular maintenance helps an AC to retain 95% of its original efficiency rating until near the end of its service life—so you won’t end up paying more than you should.
  • Extended service life: Speaking of service life, an air conditioner that doesn’t receive maintenance can expect to last for around 8 years. But with annual maintenance attention from pros, that number jumps to 15 years—almost double. It’s expensive to replace an air conditioning system, so getting an extra 7 to 8 years out of your AC is a tremendous money-saver.

Grab the reins of spring and arrange for AC maintenance in Albany, OR, or the surrounding areas. We offer a pre-paid maintenance program that makes maintenance for both your cooling and heating around the year a snap. Call our office to find out more details and sign up today.

Midway Mechanical Inc. serves the Willamette Valley. Give us a call today and experience our company’s exceptional customer service!

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