Why Rely on a Professional HVAC Company for Heating Maintenance

furnace-repair-technicianIt’s that time of year again. No, you didn’t forget anybody’s birthday or anniversary (although we can’t be 100% sure about that…), but you may already be on the verge of forgetting an important anniversary for your home’s heating system. Yes, it’s time for you to arrange for the annual pre-season tune-up and inspection for your heater. And the best way to do that is to contact a professional HVAC company in Albany, OR to schedule the work. We offer an excellent pre-paid maintenance program that provides you with step-by-step annual heating maintenance.  

Isn’t heating maintenance something I can do myself?

If you type in a few keywords into a search engine about doing a DIY furnace or heat pump check, you’ll probably get a few results showing you a procedure to inspect the system on your own. But you can do this with practically any service on the Internet. That doesn’t mean you should actually do it! If you found a DIY guide for “How to Repair a Nuclear Reactor,” you probably still wouldn’t feel comfortable taking on the job.

Of course, we’re not equating maintenance for a residential HVAC system with working on a nuclear power plant. But there’s no question that heating maintenance is a job that should only be handled by properly trained and licensed professionals.

The reasons you only want professionals for this job

Here’s only a few of the reasons that annual heating maintenance is a “professionals only” task:

  • Safety: Okay, here’s where there is a direct correlation to a nuclear power plant. It’s simply not safe for amateurs to tamper with a heating system, especially a gas-powered furnace. In fact, it’s probably not even legal where you live for a non-licensed individual to work on a furnace attached to a gas main. The risk of combustion and toxic gas leaks is too high. Keep your family safe all winter and let a licensed technician tune-up the furnace.
  • Speed: The standard maintenance inspection and tune-up takes around an hour. It can take longer if the technician finds malfunctions that need a close examination. But it’s only a tiny blip of time and it pays off in so many ways over the coming winter season. If the technician finds repairs that need to be made, they can schedule them for you or sometimes handle the fixes right there.
  • Knowledge: The modern heating system is complicated, no matter if it’s a gas-powered furnace or an electric-powered heat pump. It requires special technical knowledge and training even to understand how to look over components and spot trouble.
  • Tools: A tune-up and inspection requires specialized professional tools that aren’t easily available to consumers. Pressure gauges, refrigerant leak detectors, chemical cleaners, etc. These are all tools that technicians have on hand and are ready to put to use. Going in there yourself with a wrench and pliers won’t get the job done, and may potentially make things worse.

We’re a licensed HVAC contractor with more than four decades of experience helping to keep heating systems running. Contact us today to get a head start on heating maintenance this fall.

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