How UV Air Purifiers Clean Your House’s Air

UV-air-purifier-lightThe conventional starting point for providing better indoor air quality in a home is with air filters. Air filters are simple devices and can work effectively at trapping unwanted pollutants circulating through the home’s HVAC system. However, the tighter the weave of a filter, the more resistance it places on airflow, and that creates trouble.

You can’t simply have the most powerful filter installed. But that doesn’t mean you have to let small pollutants such as microbes and germs slip through the filter and make problems for your household. You can have a UV air purifier installed with the filter to purify the air of all types of biological contaminants.

What a UV Air Purifier Does

Microbes, mold spores, viruses, germs, and other organic airborne pollutants that are tricky to deal with using standard filters and ionization purifiers. Unfortunately, there also among the most harmful pollutants that can circulate through a home. The UV air purifier is designed specifically to target them—without using any chemicals.

A UV air purifier is essentially an ultraviolet light—the same type that makes your clothing glow on amusement park rides. For this reason, UV air purifiers are also called UV germicidal lights. The lights of the purifier are placed into the HVAC system where they shine on the evaporator coil of the air conditioner. This is a part of a ventilation system where all air must pass.

As the air moves through the light, it’s bathed with ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is harmful to organic tissue. In fact, it’s the reason your skin tans and burns under prolonged exposure to the UV rays of the sun. The radiation from a UV air purifier isn’t harmful to people or pets—but it’s deadly for tiny organic contaminants. The radiation disrupts them on a cellular level, and this either kills them outright or stops them from reproducing, rendering them inert and harmless.

(Interesting fact: the power of UV radiation was initially used as a treatment for tuberculosis. The man who discovered this use for UV lights won the Nobel Prize for it.)

UV air purifiers are simple for professionals to install. Once the lights are in place, you’ll hardly notice they’re there—aside from having a much healthier household! They should run for years and require little maintenance.

There’s an added benefit to having a UV air purifier installed: it helps the air conditioner run more efficiently. The UV rays on the evaporator coil keep mold from developing along it. This not only keeps the AC running better, it prevents the awful “dirty sock syndrome” a moldy air conditioner creates in a house.

Whether you need a UV air purifier in Albany, OR or another type of air cleaner, trust to our indoor air quality professionals to find the right solution. We know how to choose the air cleaners and air filters to target specific problems. We also provide other IAQ services, such as dehumidifier and humidifier installation.

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