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Serving the Willamette Valley for over 40 years



Pre-Paid Maintenance Program

Annual Maintenance

Just like your automobile needs regular servicing in order to maintain peak performance, so does your home comfort system. At Midway Mechanical Inc we perform a comprehensive step by step annual maintenance to ensure that your system is operating at it’s peak performance, efficiency and safety. When our technician has completed the maintenance on your system he will go over his findings with you. A partial list of services performed are;

  • Clean Burner Assembly
  • Check Electrical Connections
  • Lubricate All Motor Bearings
  • Check Safety Controls
  • Verify Proper Supply Air Temperature
  • Check/Adjust Gas Pressure to Burners
  • Reprogram Thermostat
  • Clean Air Filter
  • Visual Inspection of Heat Exchanger
  • Check for Proper Flue Gas Venting
  • Test Ignition System (Light Pilot if Needed)
  • Clean Heat Exchanger Area
  • Check Calibration of Thermostat
  • Verify Temperature Rise of Furnace?

Annual Maintenance Agreements

Midway Mechanical Inc delivers exceptional value for your dollar by offering pre–paid annual maintenance agreements. No matter what type of system you currently have, we offer an annual maintenance plan to fit your budget. To make our agreements even better 100% of what you invest in a plan goes into an "accrual" account for you, so if and when the time comes to replace your system whatever amount you have in your accrual will be credited towards your new system. Our maintenance agreements are fully transferrable to a new owner should you decide to sell your home or you can choose to take your maintenance plan with you if you move to a new home.*

*This offer is available in Linn and Benton Counties only